Vault Of Glass Featured Raid Challenges

When I logged into Beam this morning before leaving the house for work, I was looking to see if there was anyone on streaming Destiny for me to host and say hello to. Lo and behold, the streaming raider that I found was none other than RavynHD. RavynHD is a really down-to-Earth kind of guy that shows patience and kindness to the folks he takes through the raids. Considering raiding is one of this favorite things to do in Destiny, I asked him if he would be kind enough to provide a break down of this week’s featured raid challenges, since up until this morning, no one knew for sure what the Vault of Glass’s challenges would be.

So, before we get into that, I just want to suggest that if any of you are looking for a quality Destiny streamer that loves to interact with his viewer base, you should go check out RavynHD at

Now, onto the information that he provided us with.

Templar in the Vault of Glass raid

The first challenge is the Templar challenge. The concept behind this challenge is simple enough: don’t allow the Templar to teleport between DPS rounds. Here is what RavynHD had to say about it:

The way you prevent him from teleporting is by standing in those red rings. Once your (sic) in the red ring it will turn white and then disappear. Once the ring has disappeared there will then be another one that [spawns] on the other side of him. It is easiest to have the relic runner cover the left ring and a titan with bubble cover the right ring.

In case you don’t already know what he’s talking about when he refers to the “red ring” or the “white ring”, those rings are what indicates that the Templar is going to teleport and where he’s going to teleport to. When the ring spawns, it is red. For the challenge, you’ll need to place a guardian in that ring so that the Templar can’t teleport there. RavynHD recommends using the relic holder for that first ring. Once the guardian has successfully prevented the Templar from teleporting to that first ring, another red ring will appear which RavynHD says would be best blocked by a Defender Titan who can use his “bubble” to prevent damage from enemies.

Other than that, none of the other mechanics for this encounter have changed. You’ll still need the relic holder to shoot the Templar with the relic in order to drop his shield so that the rest of the team can do DPS on him, etc.

Atheon in the Vault of Glass raid

The second challenge would be the Atheon challenge, of course. This challenge is a bit more difficult, it seems. This is what RavynHD had to say about it:

The Aetheon (sic) challenge consist of your whole team each killing one Oracle when you get sent to the past [or] future, a.k.a. Venus or Mars. The way that seems to work best is having your team split into 2 groups. One group will stand on one plate and the other group on the opposite. When the three get teleported in they will announce which planet there (sic) on and the three remaining out will move to said plate and open the doors. The three inside will kill one oracle each and then the two not holding the relic will go to the plate to hold the portal open. The three that were left out will then go through the portal and kill the rest of the oracles. Once this is done the relic holder and the rest of the team will jump to the middle plate and proceed with the damage phase.

This is honestly the easiest explanation of this challenge that I’ve seen so far. There are a couple of important notes from this to bear in mind:

  1. Each guardian can only (and MUST) kill ONE oracle – no more and no less. If each guardian does not kill one oracle, then the challenge is failed.
  2. Even the relic holder will need to kill an oracle.
  3. There must be at least one guardian on the plate in the present in order to keep the portal open.
  4. If a guardian dies before killing an oracle then the challenge is failed.


That’s it, folks. Remember that you can accomplish the raid and the challenges once per character per week in order to get the rewards.


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