**HOT** Destiny 2 Available For Pre-Order

**Updated: Current as of 3:55pm Eastern time**
The CE is still unavailable on Amazon, but it is starting to become available from other retailers, such as GameStop. The price has also been confirmed at $249.99 USD. 

Cell phone image capture of the XboxOne’s Collector’s Edition version of Destiny 2.

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I just wanted to shoot out a quick update.


Destiny 2 is officially available for pre-order. I went and checked all of the big online retailers: Amazon.com, BestBuy, Walmart, Target, and GameStop.



Amazon is currently offering the base game for $59.99 (USD), a digital download (also for $59.99), a digital deluxe version ($99.99), and a Collector’s Edition. As of right now, the CE is NOT available to purchase on ANY platform. Either the interwebs got onto the website before my slow internet loaded up the page and bought them out, or they are waiting to release the CE until a later time.


Also of note, not that we didn’t already know, but I know some were worried that it wouldn’t be true: the game is, in fact for sale on PC as well.


Just to whet your appetite, here is an image of what is included in the CE. It seems to confirm the previous post we made about the CE and LE leaks.


D2 CE.jpg

BestBuy, Walmart, and Target

Each of these retailers currently ONLY have the base game for sale. All of them are selling it or the industry standard $59.99.



GameStop has the base game for sale, as well as the only retailer to be selling the Limited Edition of the game.


The LE includes everything in the CE with the exception of the Frontier bag and bag contents. The GameStop LE also includes a GameStop exclusive Cayde-6 figure. It is likely the same one that was rumored to be a part of the CE version of the game.


D2 Cayde figure

And, that is all that I have for you, at this moment. As always, stay connected with us as we explore the Destiny universe and keep you up-to-date with all things Destiny.