Possible Leaks About Destiny 2 Story & Mechanics

First of all, let me say clearly that this article likely contains some pretty significant spoilers. So:





Having said that, continue on at your own risk.

Today, one of the other co-founders of the Vestiges of the Ahamkara made me aware of a YouTube video that he found. This video, put together by YouTube user Gigz, is based on a forum post that was supposedly written by a Bungie employee (or former employee?). You can go to the Reddit post by clicking here to see the original content. I am going to summarize it and divulge my perspective on some of these items.

Click the image to view Gigz’s video.


Without any further ado, I will start going through the major points that I got from this video.


Destiny 2’s (I’ll refer to this as “D2” from now on for brevity) main antagonist will be the Cabal. They will come to Earth by way of a planet-sized “war world” and destroy what was left of Earth and the Tower.


If we had been paying attention to some of the other leaks, such as the Mega Bloks leak, we would already know that this information, which was posted more than two months ago, seems to line up with those other leaks. The combination of these bits of information seem to corroborate each other giving credence to the information in the source blog post that I referenced above.


Due to some contract limitations, one of the main three Vanguard NPC characters from Destiny 1 (i.e. “D1”) will die. As of the printing of the blog post, the most likely candidate to die was going to be Zavala.


This bit of information will likely have to wait to be confirmed. If this is based on behind-the-scenes business dealings and contracts, then this is most likely a fluid situation that won’t be finalized until later. Or, at the least, we won’t know what the final decision was until Bungie is ready to properly reveal that. I am hoping that it won’t be revealed until we hop into the game to play it for the first time.


Something that a lot of people are curious about: your D1 character will supposedly be MIA after being sent on a mission to another planet. The character you are going to be playing in D2 will be new to you and he (or she) will be following in your D1 character’s footsteps. (Also, as a side note, it was revealed that D2 takes place approximately 20 years after the events of D1.)


If this turns out to be true, it could be a great way for people to not feel like they’ve been robbed of the hard-earned armor and weapons from the hundreds, and in some cases thousands of hours that were lovingly (frustratingly) poured into Destiny 1.


The Vex are supposedly actually humans from far into the future that have somehow evolved past our fleshy vessels and have become the machines we came to know, love, and hate in D1. Apparently, the Vex that we are fighting against are actually a rogue faction of Vex that are intent on “protecting” the timeline from Humans achieving an endless Golden Age.


I have seen, read, or heard a handful of theories about the various species of alien in D1 being individual and unique evolutions of Homo sapiens. Even though I’m not completely convinced that is true of all of the species in the game, we do know for a fact that the Awoken were humans that the Traveler “awoke” upon its arrival. This bit of information, if true, would give support to the theory that the Cabal are also an evolved version of humans as well, if not the Fallen, too.


The only bit of information that we have heard up to now about the character creation process for your Guardian in D2 is that you will supposedly be able to choose between a male or a female Ghost.


According to this Bungie employee leaker, the Speaker was supposed to be a villain in D2, but because of contract issues with the voice actor, Bungie is just going to kill him off in a pre-D2 launch update to D1.


I have long suspected that the Speaker was something other than what he appears to be. He has always struck me as the kind of “un-trustworthy” person (if I can use that clunky word) that you would find in a cult leader. I half expected to find out at some point through my original play-through of the story that the Speaker was somehow assisting or leading the Vex. If this leak pans out, it would seem that I wasn’t too far off.


As a bit of what I think could be exciting news, the Fallen will supposedly be a playable race for you to choose during character creation. Due to the events of the House of Wolves expansion in D1, the Fallen houses that remain made peace with humans and banded together to be called something like the Illixni.


One of the things that I had thought from the time I finished the story until today: all of the races in the game that had friendly factions with us should have been an option to choose during character creation. I think that the potential addition of the Fallen as a playable race is something to be excited about.



Gigz said in his video that Rasputin from D1 will be one of the major antagonists of D2 in a similar way to how the Taken were in D1.


I’m not really sure what that means, but take it for what it is. I have to imagine that the war mind is going to have some kind of remote control over major Earth (and possible extra-Earth) weapons systems.


Due to the lack of hardware restrictions that Bungie is facing since moving past last generation consoles, they were able to utilize an updated and completely overhauled game engine. As such, the individual playable areas in D2 are said to be four times larger than the entire planet’s worth of playable areas in D1.


That sounds like it is going to be pretty huge.


According to the source, there is going to be vehicle game play and the mechanics of it are going to be closer to a Halo-style vehicle warfare. You will supposedly be able to mount vehicles that other people are riding and remove them from it. There will also supposedly be missions and fights that you will participate in from behind the stick or steering wheel of a vehicle of some sort.


I know that vehicle warfare is very popular with a lot of people, but I’ve never been a fan of it. For me, if this rumor is true, it won’t be a welcomed change.


Light in D2 will be handled similarly to Paragon levels in Diablo III.


I’ve played Diablo III, and I even played it somewhat extensively when it first came out. I’ve played it on my Mac and on console. I think it’s a great game. Having said that, I’m having a little bit of a hard time imaging what this would look like in a Destiny game.


There will be gear sets with gear set bonuses.


This will be really cool if it turns out to be true. It will be interesting to see how they implement this, as well. All I can say is that I hope they carry the lessons forward that they learned throughout the process of fine tuning D1.


There will now be a class-specific pet slot for each character type. Titans will have a lynx-like pet, Hunters will have a reptile-like pet, and Warlocks will have some kind of flying alien-like pet.


Supposedly, not only will we have pets, but animal mounts will even be required to reach certain areas of the maps.


Apparently, the developers at Bungie liked what they saw when The Division was released because they are going to be implementing some changes that sound very much like The Division. There will supposedly be a Dark Zone-like PvP area, and weapons will supposedly have purchasable modifiers instead of attribute trees.


The Dark Zone is literally one of my least favorite aspects of any video game ever. I hope against hope that D2 doesn’t ruin the PvP experience with an area that is too much like the DZ. My fingers are crossed.


When it launches on PC, it will supposedly be called The Complete Destiny Experience which supposedly includes D1 with D2. It will reportedly not be available on PC until Christmas 2017. (Yes, D2 is still on target to launch on September 8, 2017.)


Well, those were the salient points of the video and the blog post. There are some parts of these leaks that excite me, some that don’t.


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