Questions Answered

One of the things that I absolutely love about the Destiny community management team at Bungie is how responsive to questions they are. After the last three weeks of live streams coming from them pertaining to the upcoming Age of Triumph event (5 days and counting!), there are still clearly questions that need answering.
Much of the lack of information is intentional. The Bungie team wants us to be in the dark about some of it so that there is still a sense of awe and discovery left to be had once the even launches on March 28th. Some of the holes in our collective knowledge, though, is simply a matter of the community and marketing teams just forgetting to mention it. That’s where we, the Destiny community comes in to ask the questions.
During yesterday’s live stream from Bungie that was discussing the weapons and armor updates for us to look forward to, one of the firearms that was updated and improved was the Necrochasm.
The Necrochasm
This is a weapon that took quite a bit of effort to get, if you remember – and if you weren’t playing Destiny at the time, trust us, it was a bear. It was fun, but it took a lot of effort. Getting this exotic auto rifle involved evolving an uncommon rifle to rare, then legendary, then exotic by getting a Husk of the Pit from the Sword of Crota, killing a metric tonne of thrall and hive, and then beating Crota on hard in Crota’s End in order to get the Crux of Crota. To this day, I’ve never been able to evolve the weapon past legendary.
Considering how difficult it is to get this exotic beauty, the presenters definitely grabbed my attention when they started mentioning it. During our live web show, VOTA’s Eye, last night, this weapon was brought up and the question about whether this weapon would require another quest to get it done like it did originally or whether it would just be an exotic drop. The reason for the question is that with the Age of Triumph, the prevailing theme of this even is “fun”. It really feels like the developers are wanting to remove a lot of the grinding and headaches of getting a lot of the gear so that us Guardians can just focus on wreaking havoc, exploding our light, and having fun.
Also note, though, that they recognize that a part of the fun is a healthy, albeit fickle, balance between grinding and reward. If things are too easy to get, they lose their value. If they are too hard to get, then only the most hardcore of players is going to get to enjoy it because everyone else will give up. Well, apparently, we weren’t the only ones wondering about how we are supposed to get our expectant hands on the Necrocasm, because Twitter user @FishBoxer asked Bungie developer, Josh Hamrick about it, saying, “Necrochasm. Still need Husk of the Pit; a bajillion Hive kills; Eidolon Ally; a bajillion more Hive kills; and Crux of Crota?” (Chris O’Clair, a.k.a. @FishBoxer). Mr. Hamrick (@Josh_Hamrick) responded by saying, “Something like that… A new quest will do a better job rolling it out though, I believe.”
Twitter conversation between Bungie developer Josh Hamrick and Twitter user Chris O’Clair


This confirms that there will, in fact, be a quest in order to get the Necrochasm.
And, now we know. What are your thoughts on the matter? Leave us a comment to let us know!