Celtic Surfer’s Stream Of Consciousness Thoughts On The Current State Of Destiny

The upcoming and final season of Destiny is going to be here before we know it. March 28th is only 11 days away. Before the new record book, called the Age of Triumph if you weren’t already aware, is released out into the world, I just wanted to drop a quick note on my thoughts about it.
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Through our web show, VOTA’s Eye (which you can subscribe to at beam.pro/VOTA, by the way – yes, I know…a shameless plug), we’ve had two episodes so far that have discussed the contents of the information that was broadcast via the Bungie live streams about the new triumphant age that we’re about to enter. The first week, we talked mostly about the broad strokes of what the new record book is all about and a good bit of what kinds of updates are being made to various PvE modes out there. In the second episode, we were talking about some of the weekly activities that are going to be there and how the weekly and daily activities are going to change from how they currently are – and how we’ll be rewarded for doing them.
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On a more personal note, I wanted to just convey how impressed and honestly even thankful I am for the Bungie team and for the adventure they have created. There is no lack of controversy surrounding this game, that’s for sure. Let me be the first one here to admit that a lot, if not most of it is warranted. But, I don’t think that should be the focus. I think the focus should be on the hundreds, and for many thousands of hours that we have dedicated to vanquishing darkness and evil in the portions of our solar system that have been made available to us. Personally, I find the updates to original and beloved content refreshing. If I’m being honest, I think that it is the perfect way to bring the game to an end.
If you think about the position that Bungie is in right now, it’s not an easy one. They are about six months away from releasing the sequel to this behemoth of an undertaking and if they are going to make the launch of that newest installment of this amazing franchise exciting and challenging and worth it, then they need to devote all of their resources on taking their lessons learned from Destiny and apply them to Destiny 2. If you stop to consider how many changes and evolutions this game went through, from big changes like Light level increases, max level increases, economic changes, etc. to the behind-the-curtain changes that only the nerdiest of us would take the time to look at or peer at and the rest of us would never notice – then you can agree that many lessons have already been learned and most importantly Bungie has listened to the community and what we have asked for.
With all of those challenges in mind, they are also dealing with the challenge is still having six months left of Destiny to update and try and keep the player base invested and logging in. These two challenges are in direct opposition of each other, so what does Bungie do? Once again, they listen to the community. They do what the community has been asking for ever since the Dark Below and Crota’s End – they update the old raids and bring them up to contemporary standards of difficulty and Light. They have even added in challenge modes to the first two raids that wasn’t even introduced until part-way through The Taken King’s life cycle. They are giving us exactly what we’ve been demanding and pleading for.
They didn’t stop there, though. They took our bland demands and they’ve splashed them with color. They’ve added a mayhem mode onto the Nightfall strike and called it a Daybreak modifier. They have essentially taken all of the old content and, yes, they’ve “re-skinned it” as so many people have complained, but they have made it better and improved it. The whole goal is to make it fun – not challenging or difficult, but unadulterated fun. Just like a celebration should be.
And for all of that, I just want to say “thank you” to Bungie and the Destiny team. I am truly looking forward to finishing Destiny out with a bang and flourish.
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