Summarizing This Week at Bungie Blog

This week, the This Week at Bungie blog was a day late – not sure why. Anyway, I thought it would be good to go ahead and (1) give you guys the link to the original blog if you need it, and (2) summarize what it says.
First of all, your new Age of Triumph record book is going to begin with a quest from the Speaker in the Tower. That quest is going to have somewhere around 12 to 14 steps in it. To give you an idea of how big of a quest this will be, the first step will be to play through the vanilla Destiny story missions. There will likely be steps in there for each of the different types of game modes and activities in the game before the quest will be considered complete.
Another one of the changes that will come with the game update on March 28th is they are paring down how many activities there are in the Crucible. One of the complaints in the community have been matchmaking. All too often, you are dropped into a game and one of a handful of scenarios plays out:
  1. You are dropped into a game with a full fireteam at the very beginning of a match (like you’re supposed to). Honestly, this is the most common scenario.
  2. You are dropped into a game that is already under way. More often than not, you’re dropped into the losing team and there is likely no chance of a comeback. The reason for this is…
  3. You are on the losing team and one or more of your teammates decides that they would rather leave the game early than feel the pain of such a loss. That only makes it even more impossible for you to play a fun, balanced match with any chance of coming back.
  4. You are dropped into a match where the other team is a full team of 6, but you are either by yourself or you have an incomplete team. This makes the match imbalanced and honestly, not fun.
As a means of combating this issues, Bungie is decreasing the number of activities available so that the player base has fewer activities to spread themselves out over. This should create a natural funnel for players so that matches are made quicker, fireteams are filled more often, and fewer people are leaving early.
This is an example screenshot of what the crucible screen will look like after March 28th.
Other than that, there wasn’t a whole lot of new information that we didn’t already discuss in episode 2 of VOTA’s Eye (below).
VOTA’s Eye, Season 1, Episode 2
If you would like to read the blog for yourself, here is the link:–03172017
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